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About May Pen Primary

  • MISSION STATEMENT - To help students acquire the skills, values and attitudes necessary to make them functionally literate and numerate thus ensuring self-reliance, assertiveness, productivity, cultural awareness and ultimately well-rounded individuals.                                        
  • VISION STATEMENT - Partner with students, teachers, parents and the community to provide quality education that stimulates students’ responsiveness in the global environment.
                     SCHOOL’S HISTORY
The May Pen Primary School is located on two acres of land on Sevens Road and Muir Park Avenue in the main thorough fare of the busy town of May Pen. It is in close proximity to the Post Office, churches and other significant business places. The May Pen Primary got its name from that capital, May Pen.
In the early 18th Century the nearest recorded seat for formal education for May Pen Primary was the school at Old Woman’s Savannah, that was built from public subscription on land that was donated by a planter.
Financing became a problem so that was abandoned. It wasn’t until after the churches were built that there was formal education for the population of May Pen. A day school was held in the church at Lime Savannah under the auspices of the Anglican church and small fees were charged. Another day school was held at St. James Methodist Church which became the May Pen primary School. In 1842, the church recommended that the education system be continued on the principle of voluntary subscriptions. In 1927 Muir Park where the May Pen Primary school is now located was bought by Custos Muir-Head from the Clarendon Sports Club that was handed down from the rich Pennants family ( the first land owners) to the Reverend William May who served the parish of Clarendon for thirty- two years. In 1928 the Custos gave the (5acres) of land to the parochial board to build a show ground for Agricultural products and as a recreational centre. However, that amount of land was too small and the parish council allowed the now primary school which was overcrowded at the Methodist Church location to use it. The new school was built with the assistance of the government. Its doors were opened to a fairly small population of students in April 1928. As the towns’ population grew, so did that of the school which led to it becoming a shift school. Morning shift begins at 7:00 am to 12:00 noon; and afternoon shift begins at 12:30 and ends at 5:00 p.m. In the late 1980’s early the 1990’s the school had a population of over 5000 students on roll with over 85 teachers on staff and was ranked the largest school in Jamaica and the English Speaking Caribbean. Today, the population has been reduced to 2500.
May Pen Primary have been served by many principals since 1928.
They are Mr. E.J Whiteman – 1928-1957
Mr. L.S.C Lampart – 1957-1964
Mr. U.C Wolf -1964 -1968
Mr. C. J. Powel- January - November 1968
Mrs. AW McLean - 1968-1985
Mrs. D E Hughes -1985-1993
Mrs. M. Meikle – 1993- 1997
Mrs. C. McDonald – 1997-2004
Mrs. S. Comrie -2004-2009
Mrs. G. Nicolson – 2009-2010 (Acting)
Mr. S. Morgan – 2010-2011
Mrs. C. Mckenzie -2011 -2012 (Interim)
Maj..P. Scott -2012-Present

Over the years, as the population of the school grew, there was need for expansion hence the ministry gave more building to facilitate the teaching/learning process. Today there are two (2) shifts with sixty-three (63) classes, two thousand five hundred (2,500) children, Seventy-three (73) teachers inclusive of a Master teacher, a teacher librarian, two (2) computer teachers, three (3) guidance counsellors, two (2) Vice Principals and a Principal.
The school is kept clean and safe by competent hardworking ancillary workers, and watchmen and security guards. The children are fed with hot meals from the canteen and snacks from the tuckshop on a daily basis. The Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education serves over one thousand 1000 children daily except on Wednesdays.

Hierarchy of Schools Administration
Special Duties

Teachers have special responsibilities and they work hard to enhance beauty and development of the school.
Some of the focus areas are:
Sanitation, Safety and Security, Canteen duties, Tuck shop, Voluntary and Practice teachers, Literacy, Numeracy, Examinations, Clubs and Societies, Sports, Culture, etc.

Stated Objectives of May Pen Primary School
The instructional programme of May Pen Primary School shall be established and administered in such a fashion as to reflect the following objectives.
Primary education should provide the learner with opportunities to:
1. acquire literacy, numeracy, creativity and communication skills
2. enjoy learning and develop desire to continue learning
3. develop ability for critical thinking and logical judgment
4. appreciate and respect the dignity of work
5. develop desirable social standards, moral and religious values
6. develop into a self-disciplined, physically fit and healthy person
7. develop aesthetic values and appreciate own and other people's cultures
8. develop awareness and appreciation of the environment
9. develop awareness of and appreciation for other nations and international community
10. instil respect and love for own country and the need for harmonious co-existence
11. develop individual talents
12. promote social responsibility and make proper use of leisure time
13. develop awareness and appreciation of the role of technology in national development